What do I need?

Each installation is unique. Sky Instalation. Your Uk TV in Madrid

Therefore it is only possible to give an accurate price on completion of a detailed site survey.

This essential service has a fixed cost of only 50€ which, of course, will be refunded should we then proceed with the installation.

Why do I need a site survey?

In order to understand precisely what you want from your TV service and to answer any questions you may have, the site survey allows us to make a detailed plan of your installation to suit your own, personal requirements.

This ensures that you get the installation you want and don’t end up with any “surprises” in your final bill as we can fully assess any and all specialist materials that may be required for your particular installation before the job begins.

This approach eliminates “unforeseen” problems during the installation process, which in turn reduces installation time and ultimately saves you both time and money.

Personal Preferences

Things to consider that do affect the cost of your installation are:

Additional reception points

  • In order to supply more than one television with a controllable signal from your satellite box, additional powered cable must be run to each TV.


  • For esthetical reasons you may wish to “camouflage” your satellite dish to better fit with its installed environment.

How long will the installation take?

Most installations can be done within a day of the site survey, unless you require a 180 or 240cm dish which have a few days lead time from the supplier.

These dishes will normally be delivered within 3 working days of placing the order.

The actual installation time is, on average, 4 hours for a 120 cm dish and 8 hours for a 180 or 240 cm dish.

Do I need anything else?

In order to receive UK TV channels, you will need a receiver and a satellite dish. Our dish prices include everything from the supply and installation of the dish with wall or floor support, to all the wiring and LNB (Low Noise Block). Instalation 2 Your uk Tv Madrid

You are then free to choose the best receiver to suit your personal viewing requirements, such as a Sky box, Freesat or a universal receiver.

Receivers that we feel happy to recommend are:

You can find more details and technical specifications of the different receivers by clicking the hyperlinks.